Certificate in Event Management

 Course Outline

Special Event Management

  1. Principles of Event Management
    b. Administration
    c. Coordination
    d. Marketing
    e. Legal, Ethical, Risk Management
    f. Special Event Management Technology
    g. Special Event Career Development

Special Event Design and Decorations

  1. Design and Decorations
    i. Theory and Principles
    ii. Practices and Methodology
    iii. Impact of Venue
    iv. The Business

    b. Decorative Elements
    i. Backdrops and Props
    ii. Flowers
    iii. Fabrics
    iv. Balloons
    v. Lighting
    vi. Entertainment, Signage, and Food
    vii. Candles, Ice, Pyrotechnics
    c. Types of Special Events
    i. Corporate
    ii. Social
    iii. Weddings
    iv. Fairs and Festivals
    v. Spectacles
    vi. Parades