Certificate in Food Production

Certificate in Food Production


Understanding the industry                                                             

Personal hygiene for the food handlers                                                      

Basic hygiene                                                                                           

Cleaning kitchen and preparing for work                                                 

Kitchen equipment                                                                                               

Culinary terms                                                                                                       

Preparing with knife                                                                            

Washing and blanching food                                                           

Storing food                                                                                                             

Decorating food                                                                                                     

Mixing food                                                                                                              

Preparing stocks                                                                                                   

Preparing basic hot sauces                                                                              

Methods of cooking                                                                                              

Preparing soups                                                                                                    

Preparing meat and poultry                                                             

Preparing fish                                                                                          

Preparing egg, pasta, rice                                                                                 

Preparing vegetables                                                                           

Preparing hot and cold beverages