Certificate in Front Office Operations

Certificate in Front Office Operations


Introduction to Hotel Industry

Define hotel, History of hotel industry

Types of Hotels

Organization of Front Office

Organizational hierarchy of Front office department

Essential attributes of a FO personnel

Departments that FO coordinates with, Functions of other sub-departments of Front Office

Functions of other sub-departments of Front Office

Job Description of various FO personnel.


Knowledge of product (Types of room, Status terminology, and tariff)

Sources of Reservation.

Types of Reservation,  Different reservation activities

Group Reservation

Different Reservation reports

Potential Reservation problems.


Receiving guest, Check in Procedures of different guests (guest with adv. Rsvn, walk in, VIP, groups)

Pre-registration activities

Issuing key to the guest & key control

Salesmanship of Front desk agent

Useful techniques of selling hotel services

Check-out and Settlement of  Accounting

Types of account using in the hotel

Types of Folios

Check out procedures, Handling different modes of payment

Night Auditing

Job description of a night auditor

Preparing various reports for the managers

Mathematical Terms use in the FO

Calculation of different terms useful for decision making for the managers

Concepts behind those calculations.

Bell Desk and Concierge

Function of bell desk & concierge department

Job descriptions of a bell captain, Job descriptions of a bell attendant.

Different other Important  Activities of  FO Department

Mail & Message Handling


 Changing Rooms

 Handling left luggage

 Wake up call

 Scanty baggage

 Discrepancy report

 Safety locker management

Room Selling Techniques

 Different Selling Techniques

 Front Office Selling Techniques

Forecasting Room Availability

 Forecasting Data

 Forecasting Formula & Forms

Revenue Management

 Elements of Revenue Management

 Using Revenue Management

Credit Control

 Objectives of Credit Control Measures

 Hotel Credit Control Policy

 Credit Control Measures at Check-in

 Credit Control Measures during Occupancy

 Credit Control Measures at Check-out

Dealing with Guest Problems

 Types of Problems

 Skills necessary for dealing with problems

 Solving Problems

 Handling Complaints

 The Role of Guest Relation Officer (GRO)

Hotel & Guest Security

 Importance of Security System

 Types of Security System

 Handling Emergency Situations.

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