Certificate in Housekeeping

Certificate in Housekeeping


Introduction to Hotel Industry

Define hotel, History of hotel industry

Types of Hotels

Introduction to Housekeeping department

 Organizational hierarchy of HK Department

 Essential attributes of HK personnel

 Interdepartmental coordination with HK dept.

 Job Description of various HK personnel

Guestroom Cleaning

 Rules followed on a guest floor

 Arranging Housekeeping trolley

 Cleaning a Room, Cleaning a Bathroom, Making a bed


 Evening Service, Second Service

 Preparing room report

Floor Pantry

 Equipment used in the pantry

 Procedures for requisitioning Fresh linen

 Procedures for requisitioning Guest & cleaning supplies

Control Desk

 Role of the control Desk

 Registers and file maintained in the control desk

Public Area

 Different public areas

 Cleaning procedures of those areas

 Care and storage of out-of service Furniture

Cleaning Equipment & Agents

 Cleaning equipment using in the hotel industry

 Cleaning agents using in the hotel industry

 Stain removal (different fabrics)

Safety & Security


 Common Housekeeping Chemicals

 Lost and Found Procedures


 Laundry (OPL)

 Planning OPL, laundering linens

 The flow of linens through the OPL

 Common laundry problems and their solutions

 Machines & equipment

 Valet service, on-premise valet service

 Job list of washer, head washer, laundry attendant and laundry manager

Linen And Uniform

 Types of Linen used

Sizes of Linens

Carpets and Floors

Carpet Construction

Carpet Problems

Carpet Maintenance

Carpet and Floor Care Equipment

Carpet Cleaning Methods

Special Carpet Treatment

Types of Floors

General Floor Maintenance

Floor Cleaning Methods

Managing Inventories

 Par Levels



 Guest Loan Items

 Machines and Equipment

 Cleaning Supplies

 Guest Supplies

Firefighting system & their extinguishers

First Aids

English for Housekeeping