Certificate in Professional Cookery

Certificate in Professional Cookery (IoH, UK degree)


Kitchen – cleaning and hygiene

Safe food handling -Basic Food Handlers

First Aid and Safety in the Kitchen – Basic First Aid

Bakery – Basic Breads and Bread Products

Basic Cakes, Pastries and Desserts

Vegetables Preparation

Cooking and presenting vegetable dishes

Preparation and cooking , soups, stocks and sauces 

Commodities, purchasing and control

Food – Trends in production and service 1

Planning food service

Organising food service

Larder Preparation – herbs and spices/sandwiches etc

Larder – Appetizers and Salads

Meat – Basic Preparation

Meat – Cooking and presenting basic meat dishes

Meat – Prepare and cook offal dishes

Poultry and Game – Basic Preparation

Poultry and Game – Cooking and presenting basic poultry and game  dishes

Cook and finish farinaceous dishes

Seafood – Basic Preparation

Seafood – Cooking and presenting basic seafood dishes

Working as a Member of a Team