Diploma in Food Preparation

Diploma in Food Preparation (Professional Cookery, IoH, UK degree)


Maintaining workplace hygiene – theory and practice including pest eradication, etc

Food Safety Advanced (theory)

First Aid Year  – Advanced  First Responders

Complex  Cakes, Pastries and Desserts

Preparation, cooking and finish –  hot and cold sauces

Food – Trends in production and service 2

Food – portion control and presentation – theory and practice (Large Scale Production)

Buffets – planning and presentation

Larder – Canapes and cocktail products

Meat – Cooking and presenting complex meat dishes

Poultry and Game – Cooking and presenting complex poultry and game  dishes

Seafood – Cooking and presenting complex  seafood dishes

Dietary and Nutrition Requirements – Preparation and Cooking

Kitchen Organisation and Working as a member of a team (theory)